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Organic Certified Honeybush Tea

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Honeybush tea — also known as Heuningbos is a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea blend that comes from a shrub of the Fabaceae family that only grows in the fynbos biome in the narrow mountain bounded region along the western and eastern Cape coast.

Honeybush is actually similar to the more widely known Rooibos but is different in taste. Honeybush is the sweeter of the two. Taste-wise, it is sweet and floral, with delicate sour notes. This tea is quite soothing, and therefore makes an ideal brew for sleep or unwinding.

Honeybush tea is also exceptionally rich in antioxidants and in fact, contains the highest amount of antioxidants of any herbal tea. It is also low in tannins and doesn’t become bitter with extended simmering or brewing. So the longer it is steeped, the more antioxidants end up in your cup!

This high level of antioxidants contributes to honeybush's immune-support benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, boosts gastrointestinal health, and supports women’s health. Honeybush also has no known negative side effects!

Honeybush is Ecocert organic certified, and all processes comply with FSSC22000 requirements.

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